Condominium Property Act

On May 6, 2014, Bill 13, the Condominium Property Amendment Act, 2014 was introduced in the legislature.

The changes set out in this bill are the result of an extensive review and focused on modernizing Alberta’s condominium laws and setting a framework that supports responsible self-governance of condominium corporations.

Conversations on the proposed changes will continue to be reviewed to give stakeholders and all Albertans the chance to review the consultation report and amendments to ensure Alberta’s Condominium Property Act serves the needs of this province.

The proposed changes to the Condominium Property Act would:

  • improve protection for purchasers;
  • improve protection for existing owners;
  • enhance board transparency and accountability;
  • allow for efficient governance;
  • raise standards in Alberta’s condominium management sector; and
  • enhance dispute resolution.

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The Condominium Property Act Review Consultation Analysis Report contains a summary of the responses to the public consultation survey, Let’s Talk Condos.

More details on the proposed changes.