Question Dear Maria; How will the new condo regulations affect me as a condo owner?

On December 14, 2018, Service Alberta Minister Brian Malkinson announced changes to the Condominium Property Regulation that will be coming into force to improve the governance of condominium corporations. These changes follow extensive consultation with condo owners, board members, managers, and other members of the condominium sector in 2017 and 2018.

“About one out of every five Albertans lives in a condo and our government has their back. Last year, we unveiled stronger protections for condo buyers and now we’re introducing new rules to improve condo living. These new regulations will make life better for everyone in the industry, including condo owners, condo managers andcondo boards.” Brian Malkinson, Minister of
Service Alberta

How does this impact the Condominium Community?
• Improve rules around meetings, such as requiring more notice to attend general meetings and get topics on the agenda.
• Revamp voting rules so owners can participate more effectively in meetings.
• Provide easier access to condo documents by clarifying which documents must be provided to owners, when they need to be provided and what needs to be included in them.
• Require a fairer process when condo corporations issue bylaw fines.
• Establish more protections for condo owners’ investments.
• Strengthen how reserve funds are managed.
• Establish new requirements for insurance and rental deposits.

The majority of the new regulations will come into effect July 1, 2019, with the remainder of the changes to follow on January 1, 2020. This will allow condo corporations and managers the time
they need to update any requirements under the new regulations. Alberta Condo Boards will need to be more transparent as a result of changes made to the Province’s Condominium Property Act Regulations.

It will hold condo boards more accountable for their actions. More specifically, they cover the governance of condominiums and the working relationship between condo owners and
condo corporations. The Condominium Property Amendment Act was passed in December 2014. The next step was to create more than 50 supporting regulations, which are being developed and
rolled out in stages. I’d like to thank Brian Malkinson, Minister of Service Alberta, for his contribution to this article. As a board member for CCI and as best said by Ryan Coles, president,
Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI), South Alberta Chapter; we would like to thank Service Alberta for the transparency in these changes and for including the voice of southern Alberta condo owners in their decisions. The Southern Alberta Chapter of CCI supports and congratulates the government in taking these positive steps. We look forward to collaborating in the next
phase of changes. To learn more, the announcement of the change is available at release.