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Welcome to Our New Blog

Welcome to Our New Blog

Let us share our industry insights with you!

Welcome to my first blog!

Hi there, my name is Maria Bartolotti. As many of you may know, I have written numerous articles over the years. I have created a blog to share my insights and experiences about the Condominium Management industry. I will be sharing both the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about what it takes to stay sane in this line of work, so stay tuned because here I come!

“As New Concept Management Inc. continues to expand, our utmost priority is to share our industry expertise and practical knowledge. As the Broker of New Concept Management Inc., it is my responsibility to constantly educate our team members to ensure that they are well-equipped to take care of our clients. By doing so, we can maintain our commitment to raising the bar and providing exceptional service to you, our condominium clients.”

New Concept Management Inc. is one of the top condominium management companies in Calgary, Alberta. Maria Bartolotti, a recognized expert in the field, has written educational articles in various magazines and given presentations at industry events such as luncheons, fireside chats, and panel discussions.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new blog, here on our website. Each month, we will be sharing insights on a variety of topics.

  • A day and life of a condo manager
  • The reasons your condo board should adopt a code of ethics
  • The ABC’s of condos (terminology)
  • Choosing the right condo management company
  • Is condo living right for you?
  • And much, much more!
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The Electric Vehicle Wave!

The Electric Vehicle Wave!

Current trends = Future gains

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity in Alberta, and condo owners and prospective buyers are asking for the installation of charging stations (EVCS) in their communities. EVs are a growing trend and offer several benefits to the condo community. This includes modernizing your condo, increasing property values, helping owners sell their condo units faster, managing energy usage and costs, and most importantly, helping achieve property sustainability goals.

Municipalities in Canada are taking proactive measures to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles by mandating the installation of EV charging infrastructure in parking lots. In Richmond, BC, Bylaw 8500 mandates that all parking spaces in new buildings constructed after April 2018 must have outlets capable of Level 2 charging. Similar regulations are being introduced across Canada, so it is important to stay updated with these municipal requirements. Whether you own an established property or a newly constructed one, recognizing the importance of EV chargers can enhance your property’s value and competitiveness.

Canada has a forward-looking plan for electric vehicle adoption with a projection of 60% of vehicle sales to be electric by 2030 and a full transition by 2035. Properties that install EV chargers now are strategically positioning themselves to meet future mobility demands. By demonstrating adaptability and foresight, these installations ensure that spaces remain attractive and relevant.

EV Readiness

If you are considering installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) in your condominium building, you must review your infrastructure. Here are a few steps that can help you make the right decision.

  • Consider hiring a professional EV installation company to evaluate your needs and determine whether an EV charging system is appropriate for your condo. It doesn’t cost anything to talk with them. Speaking with a professional can help you access financing options that make the project feasible, receive industry-leading advice on incentives, and make the installation process more manageable.
  • Talk to a qualified electrician to determine whether your service panel can handle an EV charging station or whether a dedicated station can be installed at your condo building.
  • Speak with your energy provider to see if there are additional costs associated with an EV charging station for your condominium building.
  • If you’re planning to install an EV charging station, it’s essential to communicate the board’s intent to the unit owners. You can either call an informational meeting or send out a newsletter to ensure that the owners are fully informed about the process and the decisions being made. Communication is key in this process, and you don’t want to leave the owners in the dark when it comes to making significant decisions.

Before committing to an EVCS solution for your members, do your homework and talk to experts in this field to gain insights into electric vehicle charging stations.

Why miss out on an opportunity to improve your condo corporation’s bottom line!

Until next time, Maria Bartolotti, New Concept Management Inc.

This article provides a brief overview of EV Charging stations. It should not be considered legal advice, but strictly my opinion.

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Board Responsibilities Vs. The Management Responsibilities

Board Responsibilities Vs. The Management Responsibilities

A back-to-basics approach can create stronger relationships.

Managing a condo corporation can be challenging, especially when communication becomes difficult. It may seem like everyone is on a different page, but this can be avoided with the right approach. In this regard, let’s look at how boards and condo managers can work together to create a peaceful and harmonious community.

The best boards are those who prioritize their condo and work towards making it an inclusive community for all residents. These boards understand the importance of time management, effective communication, seeking mentorship, patience, and being open to learning and listening. At New Concept Management Inc., we are fortunate to work with some of the best boards in the condominium community. It’s also important to remember that no condo board or management company is perfect, and conflicts can arise from time to time. How you handle the situation makes a world of difference. A board and manager can take a few essential steps to build a healthy business relationship.

The board vs. The condo Manager:

The board of directors and management both have distinct responsibilities in ensuring the success of a corporation. The board is responsible for the bigger picture, setting the overall direction and strategy of the corporation, which is known as Governance. In the case of a condominium, the board of directors must manage the corporation as a business and follow a set of Bylaws along with the Condominium Property Act of Alberta, to safeguard the assets and interests of all owners. They must perform various tasks, such as maintaining the common property, managing finances, and creating policies that promote harmony among the residents who live in a multi-family environment. Four primary roles must be fulfilled on a Board.

  1. President: they are responsible for overseeing the condominium corporation, communicating directly with the manager, setting the agenda, leading the board meetings, and presenting at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Vice-President: is responsible for assuming the president’s duties in their absence and providing support when needed.
  3. Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for overseeing the condo’s finances. This includes ensuring the accuracy of financial statements, creating a budget in a timely manner, and maintaining a sufficient reserve fund. Additionally, the Treasurer may be responsible for presenting a reserve fund investment plan to the board and presenting the year-end audit to the ownership.
  4. Secretary: is responsible for taking minutes at meetings. In practice, this roleis often partly carried out by a manager.

Many condominium boards hire licensed management companies to administer the Condominium Corporation, in compliance with the Alberta Condominium Act and Regulations. The management companies are bound by the Corporation budget, Board policies, and Corporation By-Laws, and their responsibility is to oversee the activities related to the maintenance of all common areas, prepare statutory documents, and serve as a mediator between the Board of Directors and individual Owners.

Effective communication is crucial to maintaining a successful working relationship between the condo board and the manager of your condo corporation. To make communication smoother, appointing a liaison who can convey the board’s needs to the manager is beneficial. This way, the manager won’t have to take direction from different board members, which can be confusing and complicated. It’s also important to note that the Board can delegate authority to the Management Company, but it cannot delegate any of its responsibilities under the Act. It’s crucial to have regular meetings with the manager to discuss condo corporation matters rather than going long periods without communication. Don’t hesitate to provide feedback to your condo manager, whether it’s positive or negative. If there is a problem, address it immediately, professionally, and impartially. And when things are going well around the condo community, give positive feedback to your condo manager.

This article provides a brief overview of board and management responsibilities. It should not be considered legal advice, but strictly my opinion.

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